This project was created for The Jane Addams Hull House Museum’s exhibit, Unfinished Business: Right To Play in conjunction with Prison + Neighborhood arts Project (PNAP). I taught a semester with PNAP at Stateville Correctional Center orchestrating/creating this piece. Rob Shaw animated the drawings, I made the soundtrack. 11 incarcerated artists from Stateville were asked to draw … Continue reading »

Invisible City

This is work from my first show in 2010. The Invisible City was a joint show by architect/furniture designer Eve Fineman and artist Damon Locks, both showing individual bodies of new work. Though different in medium and expression, the work that they do ideologically crosses over in many ways.    

Desaturate & Desaturate 2

In the summer of 2010, I came up with a way to ensure that I would not succumb to stagnation and would continue to produce art during its dog days. I asked several artist to promise to make five, one color (black) screen prints each. Accountability to other artists would ensure that each artist would … Continue reading »


The show was made up of a series of MOOD pieces. Even in their absence, it could be said the subject matter still revolves around people but now the lens focuses on their reverberations. A recent viewing of Jean Painlevé’s microscopic look at undersea life brought to mind otherworldly landscapes and inspired the more textural … Continue reading »

Sun Ra/El Saturn Commissions: Noon Moons

The Sun Ra/ El Saturn archive contains over 700 hours of recorded material left behind by Sun Ra and his Chicago-based manager Alton Abraham. I was commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio to create pieces in response to this archive. An animated video piece was also made collaborating with Terri Kapsalis, Wayne Montana and Rob Shaw. … Continue reading »